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While developing the NeoPod, the acronym SWARM was an instantaneous creation. In the EMS world, acronyms are used constantly to help first responders follow protocols and specific steps to keep patients safe. SWARM aids all personnel in remembering safety first, the importance of warmth, accessing the baby while secure, treating the infant, and finally bringing them safely to the hospital.


EMS NeoPod


When transporting and treating infants, safety is the number one concern. The NeoPod coverall was created to improve safety while allowing easy access to the patient, and helping manage core temperature. Whether you are delivering a baby in the field, transporting a baby from home to the hospital or an inter-facility transfer, the NeoPod is there for you to meet safety transport protocols, allow access for medical interventions, and comfort of the baby.

Reception Desk



Hospitals number one concern with a newborn is the health and well-being of that baby. The NeoPod aids hospital staff in maintaining the best infant care. Managing treatments, diaper changes, and feedings can be difficult while working to maintain patient warmth. The NeoPod gives caregivers access for all of those things without the need to unswaddle repeatedly. The NeoPod reduces exposure to ambient air and helps maintain warmth and comfort for the newborn.




When taking your newborn home from the hospital for the first time, or if your precious cargo is a few weeks old, the NeoPod helps you keep your baby comfortable and happy through the many transitions in daily life. The baby can remain in the NeoPod from car seat to stroller or to their crib.  During diaper changes the baby can stay in the NeoPod while simply unzippering the bottom, which improves hygiene and helps maintain warmth. The NeoPod helps keep baby happy, which makes for much happier caregivers.



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